Reykjavik Independent Film Festival has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of quality and entertainment.
The Reykjavik Independent Film Festival is held a few days before the Cannes International Film Festival, so as much business can be done for filmmakers attending if they wish, it is possible that each film nominated may be presented more than once.

Feature films, documentaries and short subjects of any genre on DVD, BluRay or Digital File, DCP are selected by invitation from entries to the festival,


Reykjavik Independent Film Festival has over 2 dozen juries and audience choice awards.
Juries basic awards include:
Narrative Features ($1,200 prize)
Documentary Features ($1,200 prize)
Narrative Shorts ($500 prize)
Documentary Shorts ($500 prize)
Animated Shorts ($500 prize)
Audience Award- Short Film ($500 prize)
Audience Award- Feature Film ($500 prize)
Music Videos ($500 prize)
Student Film ($500 prize)


Opening Night
Experience the red carpet glamour of Opening Night.

Closing Night
Bid a fond farewell to the Reykjavik Independent Film Festival at an evening filled with acclaim and applause.

Official Competition
The Film Prizes are the pinnacle of the competitive awards at Reykjavik Independent Film Festival, presented in recognition of the most courageous, audacious and cutting-edge new cinema.

Documentary Award
Film Festival is honoured to present the Documentary films submitted from all over the world.