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Project Title Synopsis Duration Country Language Trailer URL Feedback Award
The Shadow of the Sun 7 years ago Boaz has cut all ties with his parents, brother & sister, his friends, and his previous world. The film tracks the story of his disappearance and embarks in a surreal journey into the memories he left with his family. 0:08:00 Israel Hebrew   Best Foreign Language Film
REFLECTION Paul feels there is nothing left to live for.. A chance encounter with a little girl lost in the woods may offer the hope he needs' Paul's life has crumbled around him, deep in depression he decides to do the unthinkable and end his own life but is interrupted by little Katie Ryan who is lost in Devils Glen Forrest. They both need each other right now and as they venture further and further into the woods dark secrets lurk in the shadows and the stench of a sordid history is ingrained in the soil they walk on. 0:12:08 Ireland English
Official Selection
Sunmoon | Trust Your Star Trapped between life and death for 6 minutes after a virus infection, Piper meets her alter egos from different realities, Sunmoon, her human star, and her spirit animal Phany, who help her make the ultimate choice by revealing a higher truth. 0:08:00 Romania English
Official Selection
Dotted Lines It has to be Resa's worst day! Neither does she know where she is nor how she got to this scary neighborhood. To complete her misery, she can't find her phone! How can she escape this nightmare? 0:04:42 Germany Best Actress
Music Box Molly finds herself in a strange room. As she tries to understand why she's there, nightmare and reality bleed together. 0:27:29 United Kingdom English
Official Selection
Diagnosing Healthcare A social-impact documentary that centers on health care reform. The intention of the film is to start a discussion and to spur debate about the future of health care. Through artistic footage, the film identifies the most problematic areas of the current mainstream health care system. Additionally, the film offers solutions in the form of fully developed, but relatively unknown, alternative health care plans. One such plan, developed by the film's creator (Paul Roberts), offers a 40% ($1.4 Trillion per year) cost-savings over the current cost of health care in America, while improving the care delivered. The film also features the merits of the Free-Market health care system. The solutions proposed in the film can be applied around the world as well. For this reason, the film is subtitled in 16 languages. The current COVID-19 pandemic highlights the contemporary relevance and importance of the film. 1:29:19 United States English;
Official Selection
There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues) A musical "thank you" to frontliners and a humorous look at my "stay put" experience (yes, I really do have three plants called Larry, Curly & Moe!) 0:05:15 United States English Best Music Video
Planet Earth calling Ana One day, life detaches you from the world. Without a warning. Isolation. It´s just like being alone in Space. This is what happened to Ana. No more albums, no more tours or stages. Music remained inside her, and so did Juan, her love, her Earth. After 3 years, Ana begins to feel strong. But today hasn´t been a good day for her. Today, her light shivers. 0:20:00 Spain Spanish   Official Selection
Canal Marnie's journey home takes an unusual turn 0:17:00 United Kingdom English     Official Selection
The Dark Dance Italy is the best place to inspire a political film, a compelling reflection on populism and what is happening all over the world. A politician, a brilliant and well-liked mayor from his fellow citizens, candidate for the Chamber, clashes with a graduate, disappointed and against the current dancer. 1:45:00 Italy Italian   Best Cinematography
1971 In a small croft on the Swedish countryside, 25-year-old Mary lives in her quiet and self-chosen solitude. On a hot late summer day, her precious silence is disturbed by a knock on the door. It's Jack, a handsome man in his 30s who needs help with his car.   We follow Mary in her thoughts and actions as she questions karma, and we are forced to ask ourselves what's right and what's wrong, what's true and what's fiction. 0:07:21 Sweden Swedish
Official Selection
I'll Have Another A love letter to bartenders and regulars, I'll Have Another follows interwoven characters across four different bars over the course of one night. 0:15:00 United States English
Official Selection
KARL A 30-year-old troubled recluse has to pass a safety assessment to evaluate if he's ready to be released, but at the same time, he has to battle the negative thoughts that his family still brings to him. 0:05:00 United States English   Best Director
April 9th We all have a public face that we show to the world, but what really lies behind our smiles? What secrets, regrets, desires? We must live with the choices that we make, good or bad, and move on. For some, that's easier said than done. 0:19:07 Ireland English
Official Selection
Haiku Haiku | 俳句 is a symphonic audiovisual project for two Japanese performers, alternating percussion groups, soundscapes and rhythmicized video sequences. The film is an experimental approach to pay tribute to the extraordinary art of Japanese haiku poetry. 0:17:17 Germany Japanese
Best Experimental Film
Macy's Goes To War Macy's Goes to War is a fictional short black and white "Washingtone News" newsreel from 1942 telling the story of FDR's call for much needed scrap rubber and his phone call to Mr Macy resulting in Macy's Department Store's vital contribution to the US war effort. The film seamlessly blends new black and white scenes and original archival footage with inserted 2D animation to create a humorous and fun new take on actual history. 0:05:37 United States English     Official Selection
Talking to God After 12 nights of insomnia and feeling like her life is unraveling, Rebecca travels to the Ukraine in a desperate attempt to find a magic cure. There she finally sleeps and discovers the meaning of life through an outrageous cast of characters including a man who is truly happy despite having nothing. 1:15:00 United States English Official Selection
Coyote A lone valley. A freshly dug grave. A scoundrel, bound and gagged, faced with a righteous vigilante. A scene set for justice - but is reality that black and white? 0:11:45 United Kingdom English Official Selection
The Vibes This silent short film – The Vibes; has been written and shot in the interest of emphasizing on the effects of the vibrations that we share and absorb or the assets or objects around us absorb from us and from others. We know that everything around us is made of pure energy and this energy vibrates thus forming frictions and connections and we term that as our gut-feelings and instincts; passing some messages to us; for us to be aware of, for us to try to understand something between the lines and makes us intuitive about situations and people around us. In the film two guys see each other from a distance; in a restaurant and they hesitate to open conversation with each other, because they have never met each other nor have they ever seen each other in their whole life or merely because culturally, ethically or rationally we don’t go and open random conversations with strangers; merely fearing a negative reciprocation. In the first half of the run time of the film, the viewers get to see something magical – After they see each other in the same pool side restaurant; the two guys get to share the same hotel room; leaving the viewers flabbergasted and confused of their uncanny closeness and yet the indifference in their behavior; even though they’re being seen in the same hotel room. It is only towards the end of the film, that the viewers come to know the twist in their closeness against the indifference and the magic lies within the check-in & check-out (watch very carefully). The very last scene of the film gives the viewers a probability of understanding; how the vibrations in the hotel room may have given the two guys the courage or the trigger to connect with each other and to attempt to open a conversation. The core message of the film is only to help the viewers understand the vitality, effect and the influence of these vibrations and what they can cause or effect in our lives, our hopes, our wants, our desires, and so on… The film is not focused on passing any message for or against any group, cast, clan, religion, belief, faith, orientation, nationality, or tribe. 0:08:30 India English   Official Selection
Aelita Schaeffer's last trip Two agents of a human trafficking network travel to the city to enter Belén, who has major neurological damage due to the forced ingest of sedatives, in an accomplice clinic away from the town where she was kidnapped fifteen years ago. The conflict is unleashed when the Organization asks the director of the Clinic for an extra favor: to eliminate her and erase all evidence of her existence. While Belén resists, the network will plot a new and long journey to get rid of her. 1:54:00 Argentina Spanish
Official Selection
Born to work Shot over a period of 16 years , «Born to work» is a portrait of a man who says about himself that he was born into work and ended up working hard his whole life. Close to 93 years old, John Hoiland still keeps it going, working on his ranch in Sweetgrass, Montana USA. In a contemplative style, the film allows the viewer to sense John´s lonely struggle in his everyday life. The film is shot entirely in an observational mode of filmmaking with no interviews or narration. 0:27:38 Norway English   Facebook: Faerder Film AS Official Selection
Mornings of the World Eunchae is a high school student. When her mom leaves for a long business trip, her grandmother comes to take care of her. 0:50:30 Korea, Republic of Korean   Official Selection
Magenta «Elementary, my Dear Cthulhu». Sara stole an archeological find, “The Magenta eye”. When she realizes the stone has supernatural power, the only man who can help her is a mystery consultant who believes to be Sherlock Holmes. 0:12:00 Italy Italian
Official Selection
Kjarval and the Door Mountain Drama documentary about a famous Icelandic painter in the east part of Iceland. 0:49:00 Iceland Icelandic
Official Selection
Instinct A young boy from a broken home gets an unexpected visitor into his bedroom in the middle of the night. 0:13:57 Iceland Icelandic
Best Mystery Film
This is Not A Dream Fleeing a monster escape Father Malachy encounters a problem with his car. 0:01:00 Ireland English Official Selection
Land of the Haunted Dolls FBI special agent Rochelle Roy must confront skepticism and familial tensions when four human trafficking victims claim to be the reincarnated souls of four women who died during the Salem witch trials 0:18:23 United States English
Best Horror Film
Here You Are You Here A man obsessively tracks a spirit who haunts him and leads him from one uninhabited locale to another on a Sisyphean scavenger hunt. Shot entirely on a phone (Google Pixel 3). 0:14:51 United States English
Official Selection
To Be Forgotten A recovering addict trying to erase the online records of his past transgressions gets a call from a mysterious company that claims it can help him be forgotten--not only by the Internet, but by all the people that ever knew him and by the natural world itself. 0:24:23 United States English
Best Sci-Fi Film
FACE We all wear masks. Shot in a single take and entirely in close-up, the film follows eight minutes in the life of a face and its efforts to maintain a public mask in the wake of a scandalous and hurtful revelation. 0:11:21 United States English
Official Selection
Colombia In the minds of many, Colombia is still regarded as a dangerous country. One which only summons up images of Pablo Escobar and the guerrilla fighters. Yet with the peace agreement in 2016, Colombia is finding peace. Filmmakers Simon Straetker and Tobias Hauser set out to discover this different side of Colombia— one that isn’t featured in the bombastic headlines. During their four-week road trip across the nation’s center and coast, they experienced the most friendly people from every stratum of Columbian society. People who welcomed them into their homes, shared their views on the world and gave them a candid glimpse into what the Colombians want their nation to be like. Their short film features those very encounters and places. 0:01:48 Germany Spanish
Official Selection
Mamakrom Mamakrom focuses on the topics of education and significant change, exploring the link between the two while offering a realistic glimpse into the lives of children and adults in Ghana, West Africa, with themes that are relevant on a global scale. Mamakrom itself is a village in Ghana that has undergone a massive transformation over the past ten years. We explore the story behind it by following the people involved in bringing about this change. Too often we view positive change in countries like Ghana as a far away ideal, nearly impossible to reach. This film speaks to the fact that no matter who you are, if you are willing to take small steps into action, great things can come about. 1:23:12 United States English Official Selection
I'm Moshanty. Do You Love Me? I'm Moshanty. Do You Love Me? is a documentary profile of legendary South Pacific music icon and transgender activist, the late Moses Moshanty Tau and members of the transgender community of Papua New Guinea. 0:57:00 Papua New Guinea English Official Selection
Dani Dani’s anxiety is building and she’s about to break in a scary way. The pressure of work becomes too much when she realizes she can't hide from it any more. 0:06:46 United States English Official Selection
Transylvania Stud - White Witch White Witch is a seven video saga covering the Transylvania Stud album White Witch. 0:30:00 United States English Official Selection
The Donbass children This is a movie about the Donbas war, first-person stories. You will hear the stories of so-called "ordinary people". These people suffered from irrational from a military point of view strikes on civilian targets. They are victims of someone's desire to wage war on their territory at all costs. There are no author's comments in this movie and no censoring of the thoughts of the local people. This film was made especially for spectators in Europe, who do not know what is happening in Eastern Ukraine. The purpose of the film is to arouse interest in the ongoing six-year armed conflict and to make people to start to think about the responsibility of each of us for peace in Europe. 1:00:00 Bulgaria Russian   Official Selection
Sayeeda Khanum - The Pioneer Female Photographer of Bangladesh This documentary is on Sayeeda Khanum, she is the pioneer female professional photographer of Bangladesh. She was born on 29th December 1937. She started working as a professional photographer in the fifties and worked as the lone female photojournalist of Bangladesh for 30 years. This documentary explores her life through her words and words of her friends, other photojournalists and photographers. Sayeeda Khanum showed the path to young females of Bangladesh and she is one of the Bangladeshi photographers who could gain access to the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray and photographed him. This documentary reveals that story and many other interesting stories of Sayeeda Khanum’s eventful life. 0:37:48 Bangladesh Bengali   Official Selection
OBITS Obits explores the unexpected connections between the lives of three strangers who all died on the same day, revealing how much more we have in common than we might think. 0:05:51 United States English   twitter is @lixilamb Best Animation Film
The Last Page of Summer The film is a period piece which shows the sunny side of the 60s through the eyes of a local Sunshine Pop band who have songs on the radio, but have never broken out of the local scene. This starts out as a "day in the life" view of the band as they prepare for the biggest day of their career (a nationally televised gig at their local fairgrounds). Their carefree antics gradually become overshadowed by the Music Elitists, who are the worst parts of the 1970s personified and will take any measure to rid the world of all things "groovy". They creep in simultaneously with a literal approaching storm, at first being comically menacing, but giving a more frightening undertone as the film progresses. 1:02:00 United States English   Official Selection
Pant Hoot A genocide survivor transcends overwhelming odds to become a master chimpanzee linguist As the world’s chimpanzee population dwindles in the wild, one-man risks everything to care for a group of mistreated animals rescued by Jane Goodall’s Chimp Eden Sanctuary in South Africa. Stany Nyandwi, a survivor of the Burundi genocide, overcomes insurmountable odds to become one of the only humans to master the complicated ‘pant hoot’ chimp language. Recognizing that it’s not just a chimpanzee/human struggle, he’s taken it upon himself to reconnect with our closest relatives on this planet.   ​ Love knows no man-made boundaries in this universal story about understanding. 0:21:13 United States English
Official Selection
SHIFT MX | ENDLESS | ICELAND WITH JIMMY HILL Introducing our first ENDLESS project: The Iceland Collection. Endless represents the limitless opportunities from new products, to new moments that will define the culture, to the endless places to ride a dirt bike. We were inspired by Iceland's black sand beaches, abundant glacial masses and grey overcast skies and it is reflected in the design of this gear set. But our inspiration didn’t stop at just color. More importantly, knitting in Iceland is a traditional craft that has shaped both the lives of locals and the culture that surrounds it. We incorporated this purpose-driven construction in a way specific and beneficial to moto. The end result, our completely redesigned 3LUE Label 2.0 chassis now utilizes engineered knit in our jersey’s and premium materials throughout the rest of the kit 0:04:46 United States     @hillsack
Official Selection
Yokosuka 1953 - Journey to her mother in memory The name of the director of this documentary is Kigawa Tsuyoshi. Just through having the same family name as Kigawa, he met YOKO. She was born in Yokosuka during the turmoil of post-war Japan and was adopted to the U.S. YOKO know how deep her mother's love for her; however, she had to be adopted and moved to the United States. She hadn't heard from her mother nor meet her more than 66 years. The director searched for her mother's whereabouts and invited YOKO to Japan. The journey to find her mother begins. 0:52:05 Japan English, Japanese Best Documentary Feature
EVERYDAY The story of one athlete whose dream is to become the world champion in winter triathlon. In the center of the film is an athlete,Dmitry Bregeda. Dmitry is 2019 European Champion in individual results and the World Champion in 2014 winter triathlon, the winner of Russian trail running competitions. Looking at these regalia, you understand that you can’t hide from him at a race neither in winter, nor in summer. Dmitry confirms it with his victories at the competitions. At the trailrunningrace he with a smile on his face and at the same time filming the race on the action camera leaves behind all the competitors, famous sportsmen in trailrunning. Dmitry is not only physically strong, he is wise and has enough internal strength to achieve high results and meet the goals set by this superman. 0:11:32 Russian Federation English, Russian   Best Documentary Short
The Blue Tooth Virgin An inside look into the politics of the creative process, two friends, both writers, face the daunting challenge of delivering negative criticism, but learn that the process can become a catalyst for self discovery and growth. Sam, an aspiring screenwriter, and David, a successful magazine editor, have been pals for years. When David doesn’t appreciate Sam’s latest screenplay, it opens a fissure in their friendship, one that spreads through to the rest of their lives. Ultimately, both men must reevaluate their motivations to write, their need for praise and validation, and what it means to see yourself as you actually are. 1:19:35 United States English   Official Selection
I'll Tell You When You're Older A father contemplates his many regrets when his son discovers a lie fundamental to their entire relationship. 0:15:05 United States English
Official Selection
The Tale of the Dog: The Untold Story of Denver's Greatest Music Venue. The Family Dog Denver, 1967-1968 The Tale of the Dog unearths, for the first time, the lost story of the origins of Denver’s transformation to its modern identity as a hip city. This 109-minute documentary film charts the struggles and triumphs of a pioneering hippie rock club trying to establish a foothold in Denver, and of the police, parents and city, who were frightened of it and determined to shut it down. Open from September 8, 1967, through July 19, 1968, the Family Dog brought to Denver, for the first time, such legendary bands as the Grateful Dead, the Doors, Cream, Chuck Berry, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and Canned Heat. It also hosted one of the era’s greatest psychedelic light shows – Diogenes Lantern Works. Along with this came original art from the world-renowned psychedelic poster artists, who did posters for the shows. The Family Dog Denver was special because it was more than a rock club. It was a cultural hub – a landmark psychedelic outpost of the hippie counterculture. As such, it became the flashpoint for the cultural conflicts of the late 1960s, as the self-described cow town grappled with the new hippie phenomenon. Told firsthand by the people who were there, The Tale of the Dog weaves together tales of the astounding psychedelic poster art made for the venue, the bands that played, the rise of Denver’s counterculture, and its conflicts with the police. The Tale of the Dog unearths a mysterious yet transformative moment in Denver’s history and its place in the greater history of rock music, poster art, and the watershed cultural changes of the Sixties. 1:39:00 United States English
Best Music Feature
The animal that therefore I am “What does the animal see when it looks at me?” Three animals and a woman in an enclosed space. As they study each other, their own methods of communication create a wordless conversation. We view them in close-up and from various perspectives, with the woman as a solitary species in this universe. 0:10:37 Netherlands English, French
Official Selection
The Bel Loc Diner This is a black & white cinema verite look at Baltimore's cultural mainstay, the Bel Loc Diner. 0:06:00 United States English
Official Selection
SERVAIS The documentary ‘SERVAIS’ tells the story of Raoul Servais, the pioneer of the European animated film. At the end of June 2018, Mu.ZEE in Ostend opened two permanent galleries dedicated to the work of Servais. His work will thus forever be flanked by that of two other illustrious Belgian artists, James Ensor and Leon Spilliaert. The documentary narrates the three inspiring years that led up to this milestone in Servais’s career. 1:00:00 Belgium Dutch, French
Official Selection
Stakeout In an effort to prove the existence of vampires, a film crew documents the daily routine and late-night stakeouts of a self-proclaimed vampire hunter. 1:20:03 Canada English @stakeoutthemovie • Instagram photos and videos Official Selection
The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie A young and brilliant academic phenom who not only passes the bar exam at age 14 but finds himself defending his homeless father on a murder charge when few believe he is innocent. He faces a shrewd law firm, an old school segregationist judge, and an arrogant prosecutor who is preparing to celebrate his 50th consecutive case win. 0:29:59 United States English Official Selection
Portrait 91-year-old American-born Canadian physicist Anthony S. Arrott spends his days alone in his Vancouver apartment, continuing to work on his research in the field of magnetism. He lives surrounded by the hundreds of faces drawn by his late wife, New York City- and Vancouver-based portrait artist Patricia Graham Arrott. Dr. Arrott is filmed over the course of a five-month period by first-time filmmakers Lily Ekimian (Arrott’s granddaughter) and A.T. Ragheb. Dr. Arrott works hard to finish his work as he reflects on his life and marriage in this intimate portrait. 1:13:51 United States English Official Selection
Vulture This song and video are about saving ourselves; the moments when we wake up from denial of living in toxic situations that are not for us to endure, and then having the courage to leave. In this video I begin wrapped, blindfolded and slowly unravel myself, on shaky legs, moving through choreography inspired by famous classical art depictions of Venus, Mary and the divine feminine, the once-captive becomes a free fully-formed woman gives thanks and one last look back before moving on to the unknown. 0:06:17 United States     @lmariecook on Instagram Official Selection
Love is not Love Early December, New York City, and everyone is on the hunt for love. Why? Because they haven’t found it and because they haven’t found it, they make it into a myth and chase the myth instead. That is not love in this romantic drama of fantasy, fate, and yearning. 1:34:41 United States English
Best Romance Film
BRUISES A Mother and Son's story about Adoption. 0:02:25 United States
Official Selection
HAPPY SAD FACE - HEART SHIELD Bigfoot hunter sets out on his final mission to find Sasquatch. He finds it, and they fall in love. Dancing, frolicking, holding hands and making love. Until the creature rips the Bigfoot hunters heart out. 0:04:07 United States English     Official Selection
Anna   0:11:30 United States English     Official Selection
Agatha It is Monday morning and Próspero has just arrived at his apartment. He has been partying all weekend and he is exhausted. In the building across the street, standing by his living room window, a strange man is looking at him. It is Carlos. A Colombian musician who has just moved to NY. Both men have been eying each other several times, but they don't know each other. Nor do they know their respective stories. Stories of immigrants, of loss, of break ups, of search. Carlos is fascinated by Próspero's life. When he comes home from Bushwick high from the drugs after the parties, he composes songs and imagines Próspero's life. But that morning everything is different. Próspero thinks that the most ordinary morning in someone's life can become the resolution to a life. Carlos observes, intrigued, from the couch, the story he has created through a window and he observes Agatha, a mysterious woman who appears sometimes in Próspero's apartment and who is in love with Carlos. Próspero is determined to be done with his questions. In a city full of people, loneliness is the only companion. 0:44:42 United States Spanish
Best Actor
The Inconvenience of Being Black A young motorist faces the challenge of driving while Black during a routine traffic stop. 0:08:00 United States English   Official Selection
No Answer Four friends quarantine in a house whose prior tenants were murdered. Weaving black comedy with suspense and clever social commentary, No Answer offers a provocative look at the lifestyles of modern youth and their precarious relationship with their environment. The film has been completely re-cut, re-scored, and re-mixed in 2020 and has not had a premiere to date. Uploaded file is lo-res(1/10 of full resolution HD file) 1:13:00 United States Best Thriller
Road 721 Road 721 is an allegory about global warming. Set in a number of California forests it tells the tale of Sam, a photo journalist from Los Angeles whose dream has been to write an essay about the state of forestry in the Redwoods as well as other wooded areas in the Western United States. What he encounters on his journey is mysterious, puzzling and ultimately terrifying. Road 721 is an environmental ghost story. A cautionary tale about our careless attitude toward the natural world and what occurs as a result of it. 0:25:13 United States English   Official Selection
The Prison Visit Luci is a young woman from a small town. She’s married to Marian, who is serving a long prison sentence. She’s used to struggling with the crises of day-to-day life and raising their small daughter on her own. But there is one thing she won’t accept: his desire to control her life from behind bars. 0:12:19 Romania Romanian     Official Selection
Hello, my Sweet Boy Darrel, a bisexual man in his thirties, comes out to his mother who suffers from dementia. 0:07:17 United States English @theraphdirani Official Selection
Koselig (noun/verb) “Koselig (noun/verb)” is a mockumentary comedy about Slow TV, a real-life Norwegian phenomenon that can best be described as “marathon television coverage of an ordinary event in its entirety”. At its heart, it is a simplistic yet endearing form of film that captivates foreign crowds for hours on end with its still imagery and unconventional charm. In 2011, it was the vehicle for a Norwegian film crew to set the longest live documentary record and, in 2020, it is primed to do so again. A sleepless documentary crew follows Alecko Tufte, a Slow TV creator based in America, as he sets out on this record-breaking quest. With 134+ hours to burn, Alecko spends his time between shooting introducing his beloved craft to American audiences and talking to the crew about his trials, roots, and inspirations. The grueling hours begin to wear at the crew, but Alecko’s enthusiasm is unwavering. It is not his will that is questioned but that of the crew as they begin to realize neither party may have been as clear about their intentions with the documentary as they each originally thought. 0:10:00 United States English Insta: @koseligshortfilm Best Comedy Short
The Hollywood Tour A young runaway meets a Hollywood tour guide on Hollywood Boulevard. 2:32:20 United States English
Best Romance Film
Action Experimental video with all visual content (video/photography/painting /poetry) by April Dolkar. Music by Hamish Kilgour (from Funklestein LP-Side 2) - Played by: Hamish Kilgour, Gary Olson, Greg Vegas, Katie Gentile, Marija Kovacevic, Lisa Siegel & Brian Turner. “Action” is the union of aesthetic anarchy and positive aspiration. I was asked to create visuals to accompany music by Hamish Kilgour, a New Zealand musician living in New York. The music was a psyche-delirious springboard for my video, which includes photographs, painting and poetry conceptualized in India, New York, Florida, California, New Mexico & New Zealand. … “Strangely subconscious and indirect in a direct way” (Hamish Kilgour) 0:20:24 United States English
Instagram: aprildolkar
Official Selection
Kae Astra - Softly Tread A woman grapples with inner emotions using paint as a highly stylized metaphor. 0:04:20 United States English
Instagram handles are:
Artist: @kaeastra
Film Company: @desertwillowstudios
Director: @jackieparduescripps
Cinematographer: @squintedcinema
Official Selection
Sockeye Salmon. Red fish Sockeye, a species of wild salmon, is born in Kamchatkan waters and spends its entire life in the Pacific Ocean. Only once does it return to fresh waters - to give offspring, start the circle of life, and die. It is an inexhaustible resource that feeds billions of people on the planet, restored every year! But soon, we may find ourselves facing the unimaginable: humans will exhaust the inexhaustible! 0:51:00 Russian Federation Russian
Official Selection
The Rise of Whore Betsy Left for dead in the 1880s Oregon Territory, a former prostitute is discovered by a young girl who nurses her back to health so she can seek revenge. 0:16:00 United States English
Official Selection
Alien Reonghee and I are illegal aliens. Yesterday, Reonghee died while running away from the Immigrant Office Agents. The company we worked for is only concerned about covering up the mess. I'm going to find Reonghee, who's body the company has hidden somewhere and give her funeral that she deserves. 0:15:00 Korea, Republic of Korean Official Selection
Images for a Film (Memories of the Future) Images for a Film explores the use of police images. Produced in Brussels, the film examines Belgium’s Colonial past through its archival images and the images collected by the police at its Bureau des Étrangers. Informed by Alan Sekula's classic essay, The Body and the Archive, Images for a film looks to the historic scientific racism embedded in the Bertillon system of forensic photography. After interviewing an asylum seeker from Sudan, it questions the future of images with the coming facial recognition technology. 0:27:00 United States English   Official Selection
Berta Boys   0:20:00 Canada English   Official Selection
Trial By Fire During the devastating Thomas Wildfire, inmate firefighters relish the opportunity to emerge from their restraints, finding serenity and a sense of purpose through the work that they devote their lives to. 0:14:00 United States English @astrellatop4 Official Selection
1 Dead Dog 1 Dead Dog is a dark comedy about 2 serial killer brothers who find a squatter in their house, who also happens to be a serial killer. As you can imagine, they bond over the body count. 1:28:00 United States English Best Comedy Feature
Bucky A third date does not go as expected when Amy's lifelong friend Bucky confronts her date Peter. 0:08:27 United States English   Official Selection
Let Your Sisters Be Past and present secrets are revealed when two sisters return to a small New Zealand town. They discover they share a shocking connection with a young mother and her daughter. A legacy of deception is exposed as their natural and spiritual worlds meet to trigger a final and unexpected reckoning. 0:15:00 New Zealand English, Maori Official Selection
“BILLYBALL” A two part script: 242 pages. “BILLYBALL” details the life and death of famed baseball player/manager Billy Martin. My script describes Billy’s incessant frantic activities during his life, from his many physical brawls (most of which he won) to his many disagreements with Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, his antics with his “pard”, The Mick (Mickey Mantle, heated love making and arguments with both wives, Lois and Jill, his terrible drinking episodes (including Christmas Day 1989 the day of his untimely death at age 61. “BILLYBALL” hits hard almost as hard as Billy hit his adversaries, from his acid tongue (very, very acidic) to his abrupt decisions to leave various management positions when criticized unfairly (in his mind). “BILLYBALL” should be shot in black and white for the first half of the script then should change over to color at the signing of the change of ownership to shipping magnate George Steinbrenner. “BILLYBALL” is not a baseball story, “BILLYBALL” is a true account of how alcohol abuse can ruin a good person’s life, as the preamble to Billy’s story explains before credits. 242 Pages United States English     Best Screenplay
THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. FROM COLMENAR VIEJO TO THE ANTARCTICA They say that the beating of a butterfly's wings can cause a tornado in another part of the world." This is a documentary based on a personal experience that aims to generate a global awareness of commitment and protection of the environment and land 1:20:00 Spain Spanish Official Selection
Tides Are Changing An animated short film about a mythical Selkie and a Scottish girl standing together against assault. 0:02:58 United States English
Best Fantasy Film
Matches A story inspired by "the little match girl" by H.C.Andersen. A young man struggles to cope with his life and escapes into the flames of the matches he strikes, reliving his past and spiralling towards a bitter end 0:13:26 Iceland English Official Selection
Silence Undone Silence Undone is a short film inspired by the personal story of lead actress and scriptwriter Linda Jacobsen. She wants to spark a conversation around child abuse and mental wounds it leaves behind and offer hope and encouragement that living a full life and forming intimate connections is possible and that we need not be chained forever by our past darknesses. Synopsis: When Sofie was a child she was sexually abused by her stepfather. To hide this fact, she keeps people at a distance. Now, 20 years later, she is in love with Matthijs, but their relationship is on the rocks because she keeps pushing him away. The only way this relationship can be saved is for Sofie to open up, be vulnerable and trust Matthijs. But how? Sofie enters the abstract, visually captivating world of memory and the subconscious to confront her past and face her inner child. She surrenders and re-experiences the moment where it all began and comes out the other side well on the way to learning to accept herself and trust others. 0:16:00 Netherlands Dutch
Official Selection
Temptation This story is about Martha, who is a middle-aged pastor and she is taking care of her old, demented mother, Julia. She guesses, this job is her duty to prove afore God and the assemblage. Martha has to realize that nursing of Julia is more difficult than she imagined. 0:14:53 Hungary Hungarian     Official Selection
The Man Who Wanted To Fly Ireland's box office documentary hit of 2019 . . . Eighty-something bachelor farmer Bobby Coote has always wanted to fly. He's determined to make his dream to be a pilot come true. Even if it's the last thing he does. 1:23:00 Ireland English Official Selection
Silence silence. a visual poem. by ruben latre 0:06:11 United States English
Official Selection
TRANSFER Logline: An inexperienced young man stops a woman from committing suicide and she confides in him, transferring her suicidal impulses to him. synopsis: A teenager on the cusp of manhood stops a depressed woman from committing suicide. He takes her back to her apartment, where they discuss her problems and ultimately they are intimate. When she wakes in the morning to a phone call from her mother, she feels alive and happy. The young man, now depressed, leaves her apartment and walks into the lake. 0:10:00 Canada English Official Selection
Longer Nights As nights grow longer in the cold winter, a girl is inclined to ponder her relationship with the sky. 0:04:00 Germany English   @theclergyman Official Selection
Open Lock Lou becomes an agoraphobic after an argument with his friend over one of his O.C.D episode, as his food supply ends he finds a job on-line as an image consultant. In the process of helping Jessie (another agoraphobic person) with her looks, they fall in love, she is not aware he is an agoraphobic, a conflict starts when the time comes for them to see each other. 1:45:44 USA English     Official Selection
Swordsman: Gabriel Moked A documentary portrait of Gabriel Moked, who moved from Warsaw to Israel after World War II, quickly learned Hebrew, and published a literary magazine while still in high school. It was his first step toward becoming an editor and publisher who would shock the young Israeli establishment. A professor of philosophy and enfant terrible of the world of Israeli literature, he was the first to discover and publish works by Yona Wallach, David Avidan, Aharon Appelfeld and others. Today, at the age of 85, after 60 years as publisher of the literary magazine Achshav (“Now”), he has no plans to retire. He draws his sword for another round of battle, with a new generation of Israeli poets. 1:05:00 Israel Hebrew   Official Selection
Vladivostok Terminus Where is the "eastern border" of Europe in Russia? What about “the Russian soul”, today, 100 years after what Dostoievski wrote about Europe? Filmed in the train from Moscow to Vladivostok : 9282 km with the mythical trans-Siberian, and 12 cities and villages, we stop along the journey. Film-investigation during this trip (40 days and 40 nights) in Russia, where I am confronted to more than one hundred people. What are the feelings of Russian, in 2018, regarding Europe, their borders and the European feelings? With many events and many encounters, I am also the protagonist of this movie with my three partners, one French camerawoman and two Russian women for translation and sound recording. 1:32:01 France English, French, Russian   Official Selection
Overcome Overcome is a story about John, a young adult with autism who, one day, get lost on a basketball court. On this court, he’ll meet George and Alonzo, with whom he’ll play. This event will make John want to play more. A thirst for competition, despite his handicap, despite everything that will go against him. 0:22:22 Switzerland English     Official Selection
The Line that Divides The Border in between the US and Mexico: some of its history and what's going on right now. 1:31:00 Mexico English, Spanish   Official Selection
The Michael Jackson Magical Moon-Tour The avant-garde documentary is a dramatized interview between Michael Jackson and an interviewer named Eve. The film is set in the year 2023, in an 'alternate-reality' where Michael Jackson is still alive. 1:10:00 Canada English
Official Selection
Tables of Istanbul Tables of Istanbul captures the personal story of a sociologist, Turkish immigrant, and passionate cook exploring food cultures in Istanbul. The documentary investigates Turkish cuisine, Istanbul’s place within it, and food movements through conversations with chefs, restaurateurs, researchers, food writers, activists and families. The film starts in Alaska (USA), investigating how identity and food come together on a dinner table, and travels to Istanbul (Turkey) in search of answers 0:58:23 United States English, Turkish
FB: tablesofistanbul
Insta: tablesofistanbul
Official Selection
VITO IN THE BOTTLE Our seas are full of plastic. Vito is a little fish and lives in the sea but it's not the sea. He lives in a very particular house. This short film tells us the sad story of Vito 0:08:58 Italy Italian
Official Selection
The Victory will be My Gift to You I will give you a victory. Such a promise is made by a 17-year-old soldier, to a very young nurse, with whom he falls in love for the rest of his life. Many years after, as a result of a tragic event the diary of the young war veteran gets into the hands of the protagonist of our story. He lives in a bustling, vicious megalopolis, filled with gloss and other expensive things. He has achieved almost everything a modern man in the world can only dream of: he has a high position at work, a very good- looking wife, as well as other attributes that correspond to his status. He, sometimes shares his success formula with hundreds of students at an advanced business school, who dream of making a similar career. He is happy to faithfully serve his employer, enjoy every centimeter of his wife's body and is amazed by the exceptional care of his mother, whom he provided with a full social package. However, this monotonous progress fails when he starts to read the diary and comprehend completely different dimensions of comradeship, love and simple happiness. Now our hero is obsessed with the life story in the diary, the only thing that now fulfills his suddenly formed emptiness inside. 1:41:00 Russian Federation Armenian, Russian Official Selection
ABIDANCE Unusual quotidian which is shared by 3 generations: grandmother, mother and granddaughter. The film takes place in a nursing home where mother is working for years. Grandmother used to be a headmaster of the same nursing home and she devoted her life to it. Now she is just one of the inhabitants. She doesn't want to accept weakness of the old age. Granddaughter is trying to animate grandmother with her camera but their play is interrupted every time mother enters into the room and reality becomes the main character. Memories are built to keep grandmother alive but her desire to leave is too strong. That brings out the question: For whom is harder, for the ones who want to leave us or for the ones who stay? 0:44:00 Croatia Croatian Best Cast